Top Learning Toys For 5 Year Old Boys

1. eBook I Can Count On Spring

My five year old is very active. He loves a variety of toys and books. I have been reading to him from the time that he was in the womb so he loves books. Number one on my list is a book called I Can Count On Spring. This book was inspired by him and it is him in a cartoon version. I Can Count On Spring is a beautifully illustrated book that encourages children to observe the wonders of springtime.  You can purchase I Can Count On Spring on Amazon for only $2.99. The Kindle app can be downloaded for free through the app store on any phone or tablet.

I Can Count On Spring eBooks is published by Zazo Dream. You can also find Sensing Summer and The Tops Family Say Grace on Amazon or Kindle books. The other items on this list are not sponsored or produced by Zazo Dream. I am simply mentioning these items because they are great for active learning five year old boys.

2. Swat a Sight Word Game

If your son is five years old, he is definitely ready to learn sight words. My son is currently attending a camp to learn phonics. By the end of this camp they say that he will be reading or at least sounding out words. I use flash card and a fishing game to teach him phonics. In the Mommy Blog you can find a video that briefly explains how to create a fishing game using sight words as the fishes. When I saw Swat A Sign game on Amazon, I thought this was such a cute idea. While going in and out the house to play, of course those darn flies come into the house. My boys get a kick out of catching the flies with a fly swatter. This swatting game has no yucky mess and will be a fun and exciting way for your son to learn sight words.

3. MaxUSee Kids Telescope with Tripod

My kids love to talk about space. We try to visit a science museum in every state that we visit. This telescope is portable and easy to use. This is a good way to bond with your five year old before bedtime and talk about the stars and moon. This MaxUSee Telescope comes with a Stars map & Moon map. This telescope is only $34.99. You can purchase it on Amazon.

4. Spiderman Watch

If you are a Marvel fan, you have already seen the latest Spiderman movie. It was very good I can’t wait to see the next one! My kids and I love Marvel movies. The best way to get your child to learn something new is by using one of their favorite characters. For me, teaching my five year old how to tell time is easier with a digital watch. Especially since he knows his numbers already. I have taught him a bit about how to tell time with an analog clock but the minute hand is a bit more difficult to understand. So, for now we will keep it simply. This Spiderman watch is sold by Marvel and can be found on Amazon. Kohls department store has some nice watches for boys too.

5. MEIGO STEM Learning Toys

When ever I am fixing something with a screw driver or drill, my five year old always offers to help me. This Stem Learning Toy has a power drill and several blocks to keep your five year old’s imagination running. This STEM learning toy helps children to build a solid foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  You can find this STEM toy on Amazon for only $28.95.

Wishing you and your son lots of love & blessings.


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Sensing Summer is a children's eBook about the five senses.
Children’s eBook
Sensing Summer
I Can Count on Spring a children's ebook about counting number in the Springtime.
Children’s eBook
I Can Count on Spring


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