Natural Remedies For Teething Babies

Teething is rough for mom and baby. You see the pain in their tiny eyes, but, what do you do when you want to stay all natural? These suggestions are things that I have tried with my own children and it helped. The great thing about having a second child is that you already know what to do and know some things that will help.

I am not a doctor or nurse so I can not offer medical advice. If you are worried about your child having an allergy to something talk to their pediatrician. Just remember that doctors are not trained to give advice on natural remedies. Once in a while you can find an awesome doctor who will suggest natural remedies before prescribing medicine. If so, I think this doctor is a keeper.

I am not sponsoring any of these products. I usually shop on Amazon so I attached the links to the products that I would purchase.

Amber Necklace

When my oldest son was about 5 months or so, he was drooling and chewing on everything. I came across this Amber Necklace. I purchased it years ago on Amazon. I would put the necklace on my son during the day and remove it at night. His drooling decreased. I can’t say if he was still in pain but he wasn’t biting things as much. Amber has natural properties to boost the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory & analgesic capabilities. There are adult size necklaces if you want to get one for yourself too.

I bought both my children Amber necklaces from Amazon. Here is a link to an Amber Necklace.

Chamomile Tea

In addition to the Amber necklace, I gave my son chamomile tea. No, I did not give him a hot cup of tea. I would allow the tea to cool off and then I would dip a baby rag in the tea, put the rag in a bowl, or sandwich bag and put it in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, I would give my son the froze rag to suck on.

To this day, my children enjoy tea before bed. I dont give them tea every night, but, if they are restless or sick they will enjoy some tea and honey. Chamomile has calming properties that can help your baby with the pain. Chamomile also boosts your immune system, helps with digestions, and improves the quality of your sleep.

(Source: )

Fresh Food Feeder

Once my son was old enough, I gave him fruit in this fresh food feeder. I bought mine from Babies R US. I was very sad when Babies R Us closed because I bought a lot of my kids baby items from there before they were born. Anyway, many times I would put fresh fruit in the feeder and put it in the freezer. I would give it to my son after its was frozen. The great thing about this is that large chunks of fruit do not come through the net.

I read that the lady who created this did so because her son choked on a grape. I truly hate to hear what happened to her child. Out of the sadness and darkness she created something that can save many other children. Though I know her pain may never heal, I hope she is well.

You can find this Fresh food Feeder from Amazon or any baby store.

Silicone Teether

This silicone teether is great to soothe babies gums. I use to freeze this too. My oldest did not take a pacifier but he happily chewed on this teether. My youngest loved any pacifier he could get his little hands on. You can get the teether from any baby store or Amazon.

Teething Mitten

This product was not out when little ones were babies. I use to work at a church daycare and see babies with it. It stays on pretty good and babies seem to like it. I think its a great option to soothe your babies teething.

I found this on teething mitten on Amazon.

I hope that some or all of these remedies will work for your little one.

Wishing you and your little one peace & love.


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