Are we being tricked?

I love hearing about natural remedies. I have an appreciation for chiropractors because they study natural remedies. My kids had one really great doctor that would suggest a natural remedy before giving medicine. Since having kids I saw how animals are treated, all the artificial ingredients they put in food, and doctors strongly suggesting against natural remedies. I can’t help but to wonder why.

Before they started making billions from the food they process and medicine that keeps us sick or addicted, there was a more natural way to life. At one point the animals were not given steroids and medicine to keep them from getting sick. The animals were farmed naturally and actually taken care of. Now, chickens can’t walk because their legs are broken from carrying all the weight from being plumped up with steroids. They also can not walk around because there are so many chickens and there is no space for them to walk around. They sit in their feces and get sick, then chicken are then given antibiotics. The chickens are then killed and cut up for us to eat along with the antibiotic. What is this plump, sick, antibiotic chicken doing to our bodies?

I have a huge tumor which is called a fibroid. I can’t help but to think that it was caused by the food I have been eating. I was depressed and emotional eating. My vice was chocolate. What kind of chocolate? Well, anything covered in milk chocolate. Cookies and cake, chocolate maroons are my favorite. After finding out about this tumor and reading about food, I have been making changes in my diet. I haven’t gone cold turkey but I do eat more fruits and veggies than chocolate now.

Not only do they put artificial ingredients in the cookies, cakes and so many other foods, it all has so much sugar. I found out sugar is just as addictive as cocaine. This really opened my eyes because I did not think that I was addicted to anything but self sabotaging my life in so many other ways. Hello, I am a recovering sugar addict.

They put so much sugar in foods which gets us addicted. Then, they put artificial ingredients in the same foods. We were not made to digest fake ingredients. What is this doing to our bodies?

It is not just the sugar crack they have gotten us addicted to. The next time you go grocery shopping, take a look at the products. Many product have written on the front of the package “Natural and Artificial Ingredients.” The foods that opt for a more natural approach will write ” No hormones, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.” This is almost everything in the grocery store. But shouldn’t everything we eat be health and natural? Simple Truth products are pretty good it seems they keep all their products natural. I look for products with less than five ingredients. But, why doesn’t every company want us to cook healthy foods for our children? Why put the preservatives and fake ingredients in the food? What is this doing to our bodies?

Many foods contain antifreeze or pesticides. So, we change our diet to get rid of pop tarts, cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, and fruit. Many of the fruit juices and rice have arsenic in it. There are only a few meat brands that don’t use preservatives or hormones. What are our options? The natural grocery store may be too expensive for the average American. Plus, you can still find your pick of pesticides, arsenic, or and other poisons at your nearest natural food store.

So now that we are addicted to sugar, we have ingested many artificial ingredients, arsenic, and pesticides, now we are sick. That is where the pharmaceutical companies step in. Doctors go to school all those years and do not study any natural remedies. If you get sick, you are willing to try anything get better. If you ask your doctor about a natural remedy, most will tell they do not know. Surgery or a prescription drug is what they suggest. Why do they not study natural remedies? Perhaps the many addictions to prescription drugs have something to do with it? Do prescription drugs make more money than natural medicine? Are they making more money from surgery than they could with a natural remedy?

Now, do not get me wrong, I do value the time that doctors spend studying medicine. My son almost died twice they saved his life and for that I am eternally grateful. My son has a compromised immune system, so I will give him the medicine they suggest. But, I have found alternatives that keeps him healthy to prevent surgeries and more medicine. I asked for a prescription for vitamins and elderberry so that the insurance will pay for that as they do his other medicines. The pharmacist told me that they can not dispense homeopathic medicine. So, insurance companies cover all medicine even the most addictive ones but, anything that can boost your immune system can not get covered. My problem with doctors is why not study all medicine? Why only study the one that makes the industry the most money? Why can’t all medicine that helps people to be healthier be covered by insurance? Here’s another question, if we are valued, why can’t everyone have insurance?

Back to my scenario, after recovering from the sugar addiction, we try to change our diet to become more healthy. But we are still sick and that may make us depressed. When someone is depressed, they suggest an antidepressant. A person is depressed because of something they need to change in their life. Why isn’t counseling free? If we can figure out how to manage and change the things we want to change, we will be happy. Instead, emotions are suppressed with medicine but the real issue still lies there underneath. Do they really want to see us healthy and happy?

If we can change the ingredients in food and make it more natural we will be healthier. There would be less of a need for doctors. Perhaps more money could be spend on education so that all of our children have the same books, great teachers, and have an equal chance at going to college.

What do you do in a system that promotes sickness and addiction more than natural health alternatives. Our children deserve better, we deserve better.

If you have a business that sells natural products such as food, clothing, beauty, ect. please let me know

Thank you for you for reading this. What do you think about natural remedies? What do you think about the food and drug industry?

Stay healthy out there!


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