Getting To Love My Body After Having Children

Before I first got married I was a size 2. Before I had children I was about a size 6. My weight fluctuated a bit at this point but, I could workout and maintain my weight.

After having two kids, my body has changed so much. I had two very difficult and stressful pregnancies. I began to cope with the stress through food. My guilty pleasure was chocolate. I lost a lot of weight after I had my second son but soon gained it all back.

Going through a yoga teacher training program not only helped me to learn to the foundations of yoga, but I learned to breathe. Yoga has help to heal my emotional wounds.

I found my tumor while doing yoga. I found some natural things that my help get rid of the tumor. The doctor told me that surgery is my only option to get rid of the fibroids. But I am going to try the natural way before considering surgery. The fact that doctors do not study natural remedies does not prove that natural remedies will or will not work.

These are all pictures of me in my 20’s.

How I handled stress was not healthy in my 20’s. I use to wake up feeling horrible and dreading the day. I am thankful that I learned how to create a morning routine with the Morning Mastery course by Stefan James. I have learned how to fill my mind and body with positivity. I wake up to run or practice yoga at 5:30am. After my workout, I will read a book or listen to a book or inspiration speaker.

With Tony Robbins, I learned how to motivate and push myself. One day, I ran for an hour and I felt like I could continue forever. I could jog without feeling tired or getting out of breath. The thing is, I have not ran in over five years. I do believe that Hatha yoga & meditation has not only helped me with my mental strength, but it has helped me with my physical strength. I have learned how to breathe properly.

After five years of hating trying on clothes, I now am opened to it. Making positive changes will definitely get me to the size I want to fit in. I am now a size 8 or 10. I was once a size 14. What I am thankful for is my progress. I do not follow a strict diet. I still eat sweets occasionally but, I eat more healthy foods than sweets.

Here are some pictures of me trying on clothes at Kohl’s and Belk.

Kohls Adidas

Kohls Tek Gear
Belk – Zelos
Belk- Zelos

Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves. By celebrating the small victories in life, we allow gratitude and open the doors to more success.

What changes have you made to create the body that you desire after having children? What are some obstacles you may be experiencing? Comment below to share your story.

Wishing you love and peace toward your dreams.


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  1. You still look amazing! Thank you for sharing this! Having kids is a beautiful thing but society seems to constantly remind us what could happen to our bodies when the best thing that could happen to it, is having a human being grow inside us! I hope I get the opportunity to have the gift of having a baby one day!


    1. Thank you! You are very kind. That is true it takes time to build self love and ignore what society says about weight. You will make a wonderful mother!


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