The Impact of Positive Affirmations for My Children

When I was little, I was extremely shy. I was too shy to participate in sports. Many times I would start an activity and quit after a week or two. I did not have the confidence to believe that I could do any thing. For most of my life I was a quitter. It wasn’t until my last year of college that I decided that I will no longer quit.

Many years later I quit my marriage. I wanted out of my marriage for many reasons. I learned that some things in my life I have to let go in order to have more peace in my life. After my divorce, I was broken. I learned about positive affirmations. It was the first time that I said things like “I love my life” and “I am happy.” I did not believe any of what I was saying in the beginning. Eventually, I started to believe all of the positive affirmations that I was saying daily.

I look at my own experiences and I want to help my children to avoid many of the things that I went through. I want my children to believe in themselves at an early age so that they will be fearless. I want my children to be able to try new things but continue the activities to the end. I want them to confidently and securely walk into their own destiny. I want my children to know that they can do anything they put their minds to and no one or nothing can stop them.

Unfortunately I think that my children’s generation have it worse than my generation. We did not have to worry about getting shot at school. Bringing a bullet proof backpack to school never crossed my mind . Bullies do not just make fun of you and take your lunch money. Bullies today are violent and hassass innocent kids. Social media can also have an affect on the a persons self esteem.

I want for my children to know that they can make a difference in this world. Things may get difficult but the more confidence and persistence they have, the easier it will be to get up and try again. Some things in life you can not control. But, you can always try to make a positive difference from a dark situation. The more confidence and positive self esteem my child have, the stronger they will be in a world that can be tough.

Positive Affirmation video that I made for my children

Do you say positive affirmations to your children? Let me know your thoughts.

Besh wishes,


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Sensing Summer is a children's eBook about the five senses.
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Sensing Summer is a children's eBook about the five senses.
Sensing Summer
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