How to Start a Business

A few friends and family have asked me how to start a business. If you want to start a business but do not know what steps to take, I will create a separate blog to help you to decide. Below are the steps to take in order to start your business and make it legit.

Step 1: Create a Business Plan

The first step in building a business is creating a business plan. You need to know all the specifics for your business. This is also important if you are asking for funding. There are business plans that you can Google and use for your business plan. You can change and move any important details to personalize it for your business. If you want to delegate the task, the site has freelancers that will create a business plan for you and the prices are reasonable.

Step 2: Deciding on a Structure

Your business can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a (LLC) limited liability company, or a corporation. 

These entities are important for taxes and liability. For instance, if you file sole proprietorship, and there is a problem with your product, you can personally be held responsible. With an LLC, you are not personally liable for the debts or legal liabilities.

A sole proprietorship is the cheapest option to start. You can always start with one entity and change it as your business grows.

Step 3: Register Your Business Name

A sole proprietor must register their business name with either their state or county clerk .

If you live in the state of Georgia, you can visit this link to register your LLC or corporation. If you do not live in the state of Georgia, contact your local Secretary of State or Small Business Administration to find out how to register your LLC or corporation.

Step 4: Get the Required Licensing

Depending upon what kind of business you are starting you may need a licensing or permits. or your local small business administration offers free resources to help you to learn what licensing or permits you may need.

Step 5: Online Presence:

The legal paperwork is complete. The next step is to make sure that your business name is not already used as a domain. There are many sites that you can do this. Google search the term “domain name availability.”

If your domain name is available, you need to purchase it. You can check out all the prices to see who has the cheapest domain name. In my experience, Go Daddy has the best deal. (I am not sponsoring any business mentioned in this blog.)

You may want to decide if you want to purchase website hosting or a website such as Wix or WordPress because sometimes the domain name is included. I have found that WordPress has the most flexibility with their website options. If you are not that tech savvy, you can contact me and I can see if I can help you to decide on a good website.

My favorite part of this entire process is designing the website. When I started my first website years ago, I learned how to do some coding and I created a lot of my site from scratch. I do not have the time to do that now so, I use what it is easiest and will save me time.

There are so many options to decide when it comes to deciding on website hosting. It comes down to price and convenience. You have to decide what will be easiest for you to maintain if you do not have someone managing the site for you.

Other Important Details:

There is so much that goes into the process of creating a business. If you have anything to share about creating a business please comment below. Take things one step at a time and just breathe. Remember that you can outsource some things to free up your time. I hope that this was helpful and will help you to start your business venture. It is never too late to go after your dreams. Steve Jobs said the “people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

I wish you luck and never give up!


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