Finding the Silver Lining in Any Situation


StoryCorps Volunteer, Diann Kayah (68), has a conversation with Angel, in which Angel provides insight on how she has learned to find the silver lining in any bad situation.


01:16 Angel remembers growing up poor with parents who fought all of the time. She says she spent a lot of holidays with her grandmother and that high school was difficult.

05:36 Angel talks about moving to Georgia after college. She says she was in a marriage that did not work out. Angel says she now realizes you have to love yourself fully before you can commit to another person.

09:15 Angel talks about learning how to calm her mind using yoga and meditation. She says she starting saying positive affirmations to herself and even though she did not believe them at first, she kept it up.

10:28 Angel talks about the K Money Mastery course, which she says taught her the skills required to publish 5 ebooks on her website.

15:50 Angel remembers finding out she has 3 large fibroid tumors in her stomach. This health scare motivated Angel to create what she calls her “One Year to Live List.”

24:36 Angel says many people face anxiety and depression especially during the holidays. She talks about praying for strength and focusing on the present. She talks about attending a buddhist temple.

28:45 Angel talks about the non-profit she wants to start to help women in need of resources and legal help. She says women need resources in order to find their own happiness.

35:46 Angel reiterates the need to quiet your mind and focus on the present. She says there is always hope even in the darkest situations – love yourself.

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