Meditation for People With Highly Stressful Jobs Like Gordon Ramsay | Guided Meditation

I watched Gordon Ramsay meditating with a monk. Monks do not watch television. They are unattached to many things. So, I am pretty sure the monk had no idea the kind of stress that Gordon goes through or the extent of his potty mouth. Gordon was very fortunate to have the opportunity to meditate with a master of meditation.

Gordon gave up on meditating at the end. The goal is to become unattached to things that hold you back. It is how you become more peaceful. Meditating is an everyday practice. You have to train your mind and learn to relax your body. It takes time so be gentle and kind to yourself.

I would imagine if Gordon Ramsay did not like this meditation he would say something along the lines of “This meditation is bland!” or “Are you f&$%’in kidding me.” He would then proceed to throw a yoga mat across the room. 🤣

I am kidding. I hope that this meditation can help you if you have a difficult time sitting still or if you have a busy or stressful life. Learn to live in the moment and relax your body and your thoughts.

If you tried this meditation please leave a comment to let me know if it helped you. Be kind to yourself!

I wish you peace and stillness. 🧡

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