Grounding in the Midst of Turmoil | Monday Mindfulness

My son starts an online school this week. If you have children who have already started school, I hope they have a safe and healthy school year.

This is a five-minute mediation to help you to feel grounded in the midst of turmoil. “By renouncing worldly things that you possess, the most important sacred property is your peace. What is due to us will come without our worrying about it. We are here to give.” Detachment from worldly things gives us freedom and peace. It is difficult to do but worth giving it a try in a small or simple way. For instance, letting go of worries about other people’s opinions of you. What purpose does this serve in your life? How will this help you to have more peace? By releasing the things that do not serve you, you are setting yourself free and allowing your light to shine in order to help others.

I wish you peace & love.

@zazodream 🧡

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