The Most Important Things Are Those That Happen Within Us

Things can happen around us or to us, but the most important things are those that happen within us. The Universe has not singled you out for suffering. We all have our burdens to bear. It is in our thoughts and perceptions that determines if we look at a situation as a success or failure.  

I have learned that one of the best things to do when a situation seems out of control is to stop and evaluate the situation. We may never know the reasons why things happen. But we can look for what the situation is teaching us and how we can be better and stronger from it. Having unshakable faith and gratitude will allow peace when an obstacle comes your way.

Learning to meditate will help to clear your mind and ease the stress and anxiety. Here is a short mediation that you can practice on your time for as long as you would like:

  1. Set a timer for the time you want to meditate. You can choose from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. The focus is not the time frame it is to allow the thoughts to pass in order to seek stillness.
  2.  Do not make any judgements and know that it takes time to learn how to focus and concentrate on only the breath. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Take a comfortable position seated or lay down.
  3.  Concentrate on the air that passes down from your nostrils, into your lungs, and vice versa when you breathe out. Focusing on your breath allows the problems in your mind to slowly drift away. Continue this practice until your alarm goes off. That’s it!

Closing your eyes and focusing on only the breath is something that you can do anytime during the day. Try to find somewhere quiet that will not disturb you or listen to relaxing music as you focus on breathing. It is a daily practice to learn how to quiet the mind and have stillness. It also takes patience to change your mindset. Always keep in mind that all good things come to you and everything is ok and will be just fine.

I wish you peace & love 🧡


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