Are You Thinking About Giving Up?

I spent 20 minutes learning the beginning of the song “Crash Into Me” on the piano and nailed it. But then I spent 6 days on the guitar and now I know only two notes of “Crash Into Me.” Let’s talk about something. First of all, why does no one talk about how guitars are for right-handed people? Lefties beware! Also, why does no one talk about how much your fingers will hurt?

I wanted to learn how to play the guitar because I wanted to be able to help my children learn how to play. They are learning Spanish, coding, typing, karate, and piano. Coronavirus made me into either a great mother or a mother with children who are overwhelmed from all the skills they have. I am hopeful that they will be grateful when they are older that I see their potential and know that they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to.

Anyway, they expressed their interest in the guitar – I just didn’t know how difficult it would be to learn. We dropped the guitar lessons because their little hands could not fit around the guitar and I knew nothing about a guitar to help them. So, I decided to pick it up as a hobby to help them when they are a bit older.

This experience reminds me of how much I have changed. I used to give up when something was difficult. There was no way I would continue to learn how to play an instrument and only get two measly notes in 6 days. But this is life. Sometimes it takes more work than expected. Sometimes it’s hard (that’s what she said). But that doesn’t mean that we give up. It is all about mindset. Not looking at this like failure or any other situation as failure. It’s all practice to get better to get to the ultimate goal or perhaps to get to some other outcome that is even better than expected.

So, if you are thinking about giving up on something, don’t! Practice and keep pushing until you get the outcome that you want or better. Have faith and gratitude because it will get better and easier. The same way callouses make your fingers tougher to play the guitar, the obstacles we go through make us tougher and capable of getting to the end result.

Even though I want to tell the guitar, “Beshrew thee guitar and the day thee w’re did create. Thee bringeth pain to mine own fingers liketh bawling daggers.” Sorry, I was watching Romeo + Juliet and suddenly I enjoy writing and speaking in Shakespearean. Although it is frustrating, LIFE can be frustrating. It doesn’t mean we give up. It means that we have to keep going and stay positive no matter what.

Best wishes 🧡


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