I Thought I Gave My Son Covid!

I have been doing everything that I am supposed to do to protect my family from covid. My kids and I take vitamins daily and eat healthier than we ever have. I wear a mask, my kids wear a mask with no complaints, we wash our hands or use alcohol, avoid crowds, and our groceries are placed in our trunk to avoid going into the grocery store. 

The week before last, there appeared a lump on my collar bone. It was so sore that I could barely lift my left arm without being in pain. After about three days it went away. I began to feel like my throat was closing up. It became difficult to breathe so I  took allergy medicine and aspirin and felt much better. A couple of days after the throat issue, I began to feel tightness in my chest. By this time my kids were already back from their dads house and they were exposed to whatever I had. 

Covid doesn’t go away by taking allergy medicine but, I decided to get a covid test just to be sure. The test is actually not as bad as everyone says. I guess if you push a six to seven pound baby out your body there is no pain that could ever compare.  I remembered the major change in my diet. I have been eating a lot of peanuts. For about three days I had been eating mixed peanuts. I’m 101 years old (not really) but, how could I have a nut allergy?! An allergy seems impossible because of all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mixed peanuts I have eaten my entire life. 

Last Monday, son’s eyes did not look as happy and carefree as usual. I felt his head he was very hot. I checked his temperature. I continued to get different readings. When his temperature was 101°, I called his doctor and headed to the children’s emergency department.  Because my son has sickle cell disease he has to be seen if his temperature spikes to 101°. Children like my oldest son can take Tylenol and allow the fever to go away on it’s own. 

When my youngest son was one and two years of age, he had blood transfusions due to the sickle cell disease. In my college biology class we studied traits. I learned that both parents have to have the sickle cell trait for a child to have sickle cell anemia. I do not have the sickle cell trait so, I never thought this would be an issue for my children. Well, with the magic of life, it appears that I have a different type of anemia called thalassemia. It is in the same family as sickle cell. This caused my son to have (drum roll please) sickle cell beta thalassemia.

Anyway, I did not see my covid results at this point so I was nervous that I gave my baby that horrible virus. When we arrived at the E.R., he was seen immediately and given antibiotics.

I told the doctor about my symptoms and how I thought I had been exposed covid. She said it sounds like a virus or possible allergy.  I didn’t have a cough or fever. They took a sample of my son’s blood and tested for respiratory viruses. We left the hospital tired and I was very grateful that his oxygen level and lungs were perfect.

After having about three hours of sleep, I woke up to check if my covid results were back. It was negative! I called the hospital for my son’s results. He did not have any respiratory viruses and I was relieved. It is some other virus that is causing him to spike a fever. He had another fever that morning. I put a rag on his head with apple cider vinegar, his temperature went down. His temperature went back up a couple of hours later, so went back to the hospital and my son had to have his third blood transfusion. We are home now and he is now almost back to his normal hyper, happy, sweet self. It has been quite a week. 😩

I am grateful that our problems were not caused by covid. A few weeks ago, the pharmacist at Kroger had her mask pulled down over her chin. She was going to mix my son’s medicine so, I asked her if she could pull her mask up. Many people either wear a mask over just their mouths and not their noses or do not wear a mask at all. The fact is  doctors and pediatrician offices do not have enough tests to for everyone. If you have the slightest symptoms, they will not test for covid so you have to go to a site that tests for it. 

Wearing a mask is about keeping droplets from spreading. It is not a political statement. People like my son with compromise immune systems can not afford to get sick. Wearing a mask is about protecting people around you and ensuring that you are not spreading your germs. 

Even if you think you have a great immune system, you can be a carrier. In this world of covid, we have to change a lot in our daily lives. It is uncomfortable and annoying at times. The least we all can do to stop our germs from spreading is consistently sanitize our hands and wear a mask. Please be mindful  about the wellbeing of others. 

Be safe & spread love not germs 🧡

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