30 Second Meditation To Silence The Thoughts

Hello, I hope that you are well! Have you ever wished that you could have silence and not have to think about anything for a certain amount of time? This is a thirty second and one-minute meditation for you to focus on breathing and enjoy silence. There is so much chaos in the world. There are obstacles in our lives that we have to learn how to maneuver around. How can we do anything if we are entangled with the feelings of anxiety, worry, or stress? You meditate to silence your thoughts.

Meditate for Stillness

The thirty-second meditation is not guided. It begins and ends with a bell sound. There is silence for you to hear absolutely nothing. Focus on inhaling and exhaling and releasing your thoughts. The world can be loud so, enjoy silence for a change.

The one-minute meditation is also not guided. It begins and ends with a bell sound. This one has nature sounds so, if your surroundings are distracting this meditation is a good one to use.

Allow your body and mind to let go while focusing on inhaling and exhaling and being present to feel the stillness. Enjoy thinking about absolutely nothing for 30 seconds or one minute.

30 Second Meditation

One Minute Meditation

Journal Questions

What do I need to do in order to create more peace and tranquility in my life? Examples of this can be- do you need to silence or get rid of the negative thoughts, other peoples opinions, or a situation that you are not happy with.

What can I do to create a more stillness in my day?

How do I want to feel? What small things can I do to feel this way daily?

Mantra: I am surrounded by peace and tranquility. May there be peace and tranquility for all.

I wish you peace & love,

🧡 @zazodream

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