The Most Difficult Parts of Being a Single Mom

I have learned not to take time for granted because every moment is precious. Every moment that I get to spend with my children is very special to me. Everything that I do is for them and I love them with all my heart. The way they look up at me with their huge eyes warms my heart. But, being a single mom isn’t easy all the time.

I recorded the audio below discussing a few of the things that are most difficult about being a single mom. After I recorded it, I thought about one more thing which is the lack of understanding from people. I use to work at a church as a music teacher. I hated the job because the women were some of the meanest women I had ever met. There was a lot expected from me outside the job and I explained that I don’t have the time like all the other teachers because I was a single mother. The director told me that many of the teachers husbands worked or traveled and they were basically raising their children alone. I was offended because comparing me being a single mother to a housewife, as if it is the same thing was ridiculous. Every holiday, birthday, meal, any and every momentous occasion, its just me and my children. I am always there faithfully sometimes exhausted but I am there. I am managing everything alone. A housewife has security in knowing she has someone (especially financially) supporting her.

I am extremely grateful and blessed to have my children. There are many good days, but there are some difficult times or times that I need a small break from everything if it all becomes too much. We do not have control over certain things that happen in our lives. It may throw us off track and reroute us, but with faith, we can withstand anything.

If you are a single parent, know that you are incredibly strong and loved. Through the exhaustion and sometimes tears, we will survive because we do it all for our littles one. Times may get hard, but nothing is impossible. We got this!

The Hardest Things About Being A Single Mom

Happy holidays🎄🌟

I wish you peace & love.


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