Advice: How Do You Stay Positive Even When You Are Tired?

How Do You Stay Positive Even When You Are Tired?

If you are in a relationship with someone who you are not happy with, it is difficult to be positive about anything. I wasn’t happy for many years. I finally saw the light when my divorce was over. I had time to reevaluate my goals and work on creating the life that I desired. I am constantly working on my mindset. I am more positive than I have ever been in my entire life. Things are not perfect. If anything is wrong with my children, it can affect me in a way that makes me feel like my life is in disarray.

I believe that there is something to learn from almost any situation. From the many times my son was in the hospital, I learned to live in the moment and appreciate every second with my children. In extremely difficult situations like the death of a loved one or dealing with grief, the silence from meditation may be the only thing that helps. Not agreeing or fully understanding the concept of death, I eventually learned how to turn it into something positive by appreciating the imprint that someone like my grandmother left on my heart.

My grandmother was a single mom and had a lot of kids but she did not let anything stop her from achieving her goals. She put herself through college and received her masters degree while working fulltime. She marched with Martin Luther King and experienced many obstacles in her life that she overcame. She had an obvious choice, to keep moving forward or to allow life to kick her around. We may never know why somethings happen. Perhaps it is motivation so that others can keep going when they feel overwhelmed or like giving up.

If I start to have negative thoughts, I will come up with a few things to be grateful for. Its almost like training my brain to think positive. It is difficult to stay positive especially when it seems like all bets are against us. When we get rid of negative people and turn off the news there will be more peace. When I learned how to love and respect myself life changed. When I changed how I viewed life, my outlook changed and so did my mindset.

There will always be obstacles in life but, how we deal with the obstacles is the key. We can either choose to find the lessons to be learned and continue moving forward or choose to be miserable, bitter, and stuck. The decision is ours.

Thank you for asking me this question. I hope this helps.



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