If 100% of divorces are due to marriage, then what is the purpose of marriage?

What is the purpose of marriage?

These are some of the answers I was given by friends and family members:

  • I believe it’s an example of how Christ loves His children (the church). It’s a covenant between God and man. It’s two people becoming one as an example of the mercies of God. It shows sacrifices and promises. It’s dying to yourself and trusting God with your every move. It’s love, hate, joy, pain, confusion, self awareness in a blur of time and lack of time. It’s to show the different sides of God, life, love when you chose to sacrifice in covenant.
  • To procreate
  • Companionship
  • It has no purpose for me
  • To have support through life although people change…
  • For a family and a life long bond.
  • To not have just physical commitment to someone but a spiritual partner forever.
  • To continue the human race, to find a companion to experience life with, to have a partner to enjoy all of the perks of being with one person, self control, accountability, selflessness… idk… to hump on demand and pay bills.
Are people meant to be married?

I was having a conversation with my dad and he said that people were not meant to divorce. I told him that I don’t think that people are meant to get married. My dad was married to my mom for over eighteen years. They fought and argued everyday since I was a little girl. He got remarried shortly after my parents divorced. I asked him why did he remarry. He said that he wanted a family and he wanted someone that he can spend his life with. I thought, can’t you have that even if you don’t commit legally?

Has the concept of marriage changed over the years? There was a time that people married for the goal of being together forever and it was not about money. Everyone has found a way to make money off the formation or demise of a marriage from event planners, the states, and even lawyers having fees of up to $200 an hour or more. In some cases, if you do not sign a prenuptial agreement, the marriage could be cancelled. After having gone through a divorce, I agree with signing a prenuptial agreement. People change and love is an emotion that you have for a moment and one day you’ll fall out of it and want to rip the persons head off. You will see a completely different side of the person when you go through a divorce. You need to make things as easy as possible to leave if things go wrong. You never want to put yourself in a situation that you are stuck in. You may not think so or see it because the foggy cloud of love is over your heart. But, once it fades away, you’ll see how things really are.

In marriage, figuratively you walk through the door with this person and have to learn how to build and design this house together. If things don’t work out, everything you built will be split and shared between you two. There are many reasons that people choose to stay in a marriage. I think you should stay because of love. Yes, you fall in and out of love with a person. But, if you actually like the person and the person supports you and treats you how you deserve to be treated, then it is worth it. I think that people who are together past ten years are really brave and deserve a round of applause. To spend that amount of time with one person and have plans to spend the rest of your life with that same person is honorable. I switched my cell phone company because I couldn’t commit a second year of a Verizon contract.

The goal is to stay in the house together but shit happens and you can always exit out the back door. So, why can’t you design and build a house together in a way that will not disrupt your lives if things go bad? What you have is what you leave with and what we create together is what we can split. All the drama isn’t necessary and lawyers are shady and not worth the money that they charge.

Honestly, I think that you can live happily with someone without making it legal. Why is marriage required? You can commit in a way that isn’t suffocating. Removing the love fog before any commitment is important. It is important to see the full spectrum of what you are getting into. I’m not sure if I like the concept of being with one person for the REST of my life. At this point, I mean, he would have to be perfect. I think most people get married and think that it is better to be single. Some single people think that it is better to be married. Is everyone is just overthinking or perhaps not thinking at all? I can honestly say, I have never been happier than right now and I’m single. So, whether you are settling, know the reason that your married, or are happy, and always do what is best for yourself. Taking care of yourself first should always be the priority.

What do you think the purpose of marriage is?

I wish you the best!



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