This Opportunity Changed My Life

Create eBooks & make money with the help of K Money Mastery Amazon Kindle Publishing Training Program Finding ways to earn extra money can be difficult. It is especially difficult for single moms because are doing twice the job with little time and sleep. With a program called K Money Mastery Amazon Kindle Publishing Training [...]

Back to School Health Tips

Preparing your children for back to school can be overwhelming for parents, but so exciting for the kids!  As a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Keionna Brown would like to give 5 tips to keep your child healthy and happy all school year! Tip #1: Maintain adequate sleep! During the summer months, children’s daily routines change. [...]

Following Your Dreams and Mastering Your Mindset With Georigana

Georgiana is a writer, actress, and producer of plays, and a business owner in Plato, Tx . Georgiana is a strong, inspiring, and beautiful woman who talks her experiences and how to follow your purpose & dreams. Check out her website You can contact her on Instagram @yesgeorgiana. Thank you you so much [...]