One Fall Day….

One Fall Day How I Managed to Fit Mediation in my Day Children's Books: Sensing Summer Paperback: I Can Count on Spring eBook: Child Shirt My Mom is a HippieAvailable at the Zazo Dream Teespring Store Mom Hippie Leggings Available at the Zazo Dream Teespring store Mom Hippie tee Available at the Zazo Dream [...]

Positive Affirmations For Moms

@powerotd Check out some meditations here: Mindfulness Do you want to share your story to inspire others? Let's collaborate! Do you want to learn how to you can earn some extra money or learn how to create goals? Check out Zazo Dream's Resources. Children's eBook Sensing Summer Children's eBook I Can Count on Spring Stay [...]

Do You Want to Share Your Story?

The best way to inspire others is through our own story. I can share my personal story but not everyone would be able to relate. That is why is I created the Mommy Blog. It is a blog for all moms and inspiration for other people from different perspectives. With the world of social media, [...]

Food Cravings

After having a child it is difficult to lose weight and sometimes our appetite changes. Stacey provides some great tips on dealing with food cravings. Stacey is a wonderful and beautiful certified Health and Life Coach. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Her goal is to help people to live a healthy [...]