Zazo Dream would love for every mom to be their best and feel their best. You can not be any good for your little ones if you do not take care of yourself first. Below are some resources that hopefully can help you.

Learn How to Create EBooks

K Money Mastery is a program that will teach you how to create ebooks for from start to finish. This program has been such a blessing, it should be shared with other moms. It is a self paced course that will also teach you how to outsource your book.

If you have always wanted to write a book, here is your chance to learn. Click on this link to sign up for K Money Mastery program using Zazo Dream’s affiliate referral code.

Positive Affirmations

Below is a document that has a list of positive affirmations to help you to rebuild your self esteem. This is not only good for women who have experienced abused. This is a great activity to do if you feel lost or need a positive boost.

Create Goals for Your Life

It it important to have goals for your life especially if you have gone through a divorce, break up, or experienced any life change. By creating goals for your life, you are giving yourself things to look forward to. Please download the Goals document below to get started on creating new and exciting goals.

Adventure Goals

Wishing you love & healing.