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Why I Can Count on Spring & Sensing Summer Were Created

I Can Count on Spring and Sensing Summer began with a dream for all children to see themselves in a positive light.

Little boys grow up reading books in search of a hero. Someone who is like them or who they want to be one day. Let’s be honest, identifying with ones own characteristics and finding them in other people produces a sense of belonging.

After having my two sons I immediately became aware that there aren’t many (if any) children’s books with African American male characters who are portrayed in every day life adventure. These books are for all children because the world is full of color and should be embraced.

I want my sons to be able to see an African American character portrayed as the hero in a fairy tale books so they are inspired to be heroic and unafraid to win the hearts of many people because they are noble and brave.

Children are taught to value who they are no matter what anyone says. They are told they are special. Yet most children are given books that show skin, hair, eyes, and adventure of children who do not look like them.

As I seek books to show my children’s imagination in color there is a void. It is my duty to fill the void. To speak in color. I want black boys to grow into black men who can identify with characters in books who were heroic, brave, adventurous, daring, and most importantly, who look like they do. And I want for all children to know that they are perfect just as God made them.

How To Purchase eBooks

  1. Purchase the eBooks directly through All three eBooks are available on I Can Count on Spring, Sensing Summer, & Tops Family Say Grace.
  2. Purchase a physical copy Sensing Summer in paperback through Get your paperback copy of Sensing Summer here.

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I Can Count on Spring

I Can Count on Spring is a beautifully illustrated eBook that encourages children to observe the wonders of springtime. I Can Count On Spring introduces the numbers from 1- 10.

I Can Count on Spring Paperback Copy

I Can Count on Spring eBook

Sensing Summer

Sensing Summer is a children’s book about the five senses while discovering the beautiful summer season.

Sensing Summer paperback.

Sensing summer eBook

The Tops Family Say Grace

The Tops Family Say Grace is a beautifully illustrated eBook that encourages children to say grace.

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